Rock Formations

A Delicate Balance


I choose specific herbs for the right therapeutic outcome, which is most important to me. – BryanThere are many products on the market that contain herbal extracts using a variety of different herbs. My selections of herbal ingredients are based upon the therapeutic benefit gained by using them for specific conditions, which has been well established through research.

There is a long history of using herbs for therapeutic benefit, which is known through the oral traditions in folk medicines and their use recorded in the texts of medicines practiced for centuries in China, India and the Middle East. Each herb I choose has actions that benefit particular aspects of hair and scalp health. I choose specific herbs for the right therapeutic outcome, which is most important to me. Cleansing of your hair and scalp with mild, naturally- derived ingredients means that there is no risk of drying the hair by using synthetic cleansers. The important thing is to just gently cleanse the debris left behind by the environment as well as organic particles that accumulate as a result of the normal daily function of the body. When harsh ingredients overly cleanse the scalp it signals the scalp to create more oil to normalize the imbalance that occurs. By constantly disrupting this cycle of restoring balance we stress the system and move further away from “health”.

Adding essential oils to my formulations does more than merely create a pleasant aroma in my product, the oils actually provide therapeutic benefit to the health of the hair and scalp while enhancing the state of the user…. as in “mood”! While the oils restore necessary balance to hair and support scalp function, their action is also balancing to the nervous system. There are many products on the market designed to give the “feel” of moist well-nourished hair, but they are only working on the cosmetic aspect of the hair by coating the exterior of the hair shaft. I have seen that over time, by nourishing the hair and scalp, hair looks shinier and more vibrant.

Real long lasting change.

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