Soap Bubbles

A good, clean read!


How much reading do you get done while you are shopping? I’ve always been a reader and have several books on me at all times ready to make the most of any moment that I may have to spare. I even read when I’m shopping- something that I thought most people did until a friend pointed out to me one day that it was particular to me.
I like to know what’s in things…food, drinks, deodorants, skin care products, supplements, everything really. My son has developed the habit also and loves to read the “natural facts” on the labels of items while we shop.

As a hair colorist and herbalist I always enjoy learning about new products and developments so when clients ask me about products for their hair I give them my honest opinion, regardless of whether or not it is available for purchase in my salon. I take my profession seriously and believe in honesty in dealing with my clients.

During the course of my day I have many conversations about hair and over the years I find myself repeating several things to clients:

  • Don’t wash your hair so much.
  • It isn’t dirty -if you worked doing construction it would be.
  • That isn’t dirt on your hair, it’s oil -there’s a difference.
  • Less is always more when it comes to hair. Do less!
  • Shampoo is to hair as cleanser is to skin. You wouldn’t use soap on your face so why use it on your hair?

The primary component in shampoo is the cleansing agent, this is known as the surfactant. My surfactants are naturally derived -Decyl polyglucoside composed of sugars from cornstarch and fatty alcohol from coconut and Coco glucoside derived from coconut oil and fruit sugar. This combination gently cleanses hair without stripping the natural oils from the hair and leaves it in excellent condition.

You may note that the product doesn’t foam as much as traditional shampoos that use synthetic surfactants but be sure that your hair is being “cleansed” – gently, effectively and safely.

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