Going Gray

Embracing What Is…Going Gray


I think that when one is ready to embrace their gray there is another kind of beauty that occurs and that comes from simply being comfortable with you.In her piece about “Going Gray” my friend Laura Silverman shared her thoughts about her decision to stop coloring her hair.

It is no surprise that in my line of work I have heard all of the comments that followed Laura’s piece:

#1 – She’s SO beautiful, she can get away with ANYTHING.

#2 – HER gray looks really gorgeous but MY gray is really unattractive.

#3 – My husband/boyfriend/wife/partner won’t like it.

#4 – MY gray will make me look older.

As Laura mentioned in her piece, I had encouraged her to embrace her gray, probably not what you’d expect from a hair colorist, but as much as I love enhancing hair with beautiful hair color, I am equally passionate about beautiful natural hair.

I’ve encouraged quite a few of my clients to embrace their gray and some to just allow more of it to be revealed and create their own signature style. At a doctor’s appointment recently the subject came up with the nurse who upon asking “What do you do?” was curious to know whether or not she “had enough gray” to go natural yet – she didn’t.

I believe that when the time is right and if the idea has been percolating around in her head for a while, a woman usually will look beautiful when they allow themselves to go gray. I’ve considered posting some photos of those women (all of them beautiful) whose gray I’ve assisted to be revealed. In fact, I had just shown Laura’s photograph to a client of mine the week before her article was published, someone who also has been contemplating taking the plunge.

As I say to everyone……you can always cover it up again!

Nobody ever does.

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