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Hydrating for Winter’s Dryness


Here we are again, cruising into Fall! We start to notice that perhaps our sun-lightened hair is looking a bit too light for our complexion and those “beachy ends” are looking a bit worse for wear – a sure sign it’s time to rehydrate in preparation for the dry Winter months.

During the Winter  I see a lot of dryness and static hair, which is the result of being in heated homes and offices and outside dry air. Over time our hair and our skin become dehydrated and need extra moisture to combat the effects of indoor heating. Leaving conditioner in hair for an extra few minutes is helpful, so to do this start your shower regimen with a shampoo and leave the conditioner in until the last possible moment before you leave the shower. Our Lavender Moisturizing Conditioner is a great mask to use on hair especially when wrapped in a heated towel. It’s a great spa treatment to use at home! Just leave in your hair for 20 minutes to add some extra hydration.

I also advise clients to drink more water and leave bowls of water around the house to maintain some moisture in the air or alternately a humidifier does a great job. If you notice a lot of static in your hair when brushing it is a sure sign that your hair is in need of moisture.

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