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Garden Fresh

Bryan Thomson-DiPalma, a colorist, has infused a new line with organic botanicals. Loaded with essential oils, aloe, calendula and oatmeal protein, his Geranium Shampoo ($23 for 8 ounces) and Lavender Conditioner ($20 for 8 ounces) are especially made for dry strands. There’s also an Orange Blossom collection for children…

Beaty Professor

New for 2014: Organic + Eco-Friendy Beauty Products

The Thomson DiPalma haircare line is the culmination of celebrity hairstylist Bryan Thomson-DiPalma’s quest for organically-derived, detergent free formulas that successfully address common haircare concerns including dryness and fine texture. Trained as both a chemical expert and an herbalist, his unique background yielded his eponymous collection of cruelty-free shampoos and conditioners that effectively clean and nourish the hair without the addition of artificial fragrances, parabens, sulfates or phthalates…

Refinery 29

An All-Natural Way To Keep Your Hair Color Looking Fabulous

Master hair-colorist and herbal-chemist Bryan Thomson DiPalma is aiming to take natural, sulfate-free hair care to a new level with his new organic hair-care line (named, appropriately, Thomson DiPalma). We caught up with the hair pro to get the deal on what makes his heavenly scented products better for our hair, why women should consider making the organic-shampoo switch, and — obviously — how he acquired that fancy M.O…