Organic, Healthy, & Good for you

We use high grade organic essential oils and herbal extracts as the core of our products. The therapeutic properties found within these oils and extracts range from natural antimicrobials and antioxidants to countless other healing and restorative benefits for the hair and skin:

Aloe: a superior hydrating ingredient for hair and scalp, stimulating and protecting new cells at the same time

Burdock: beneficial for dry or oily skin conditions and dandruff, known for revitalizing hair, soothing and calming the scalp

Calendula: an attractive herb for treating and soothing the scalp, as it is very moistening and nourishing for dry skin

Chamomile: has soothing effects on the skin; used in hair products to lighten and brighten hair and soothe the scalp

Coltsfoot: a skin nutrient and natural anti-inflammatory; also used to treat colds and coughs

Lavender Oil: is very hydrating and soothing to dry scaly skin

Geranium Oil: soothing to dry skin and balancing oil production of the scalp

Grapefruit Oil: is anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, anti-depressant, skin toning and mentally rejuvenating

Hemp Seed Oil: a good source of many nutrients; helpful for developing keratin formation for stronger and healthier hair

Jojoba Seed Oil: natural humectant, seals in the moisture level of hair and scalp with a protective film

Nettle: is used for stimulating hair growth. Nettle promotes circulation to the scalp, stimulating hair growth

Oatmeal Protein: a natural humectant that increases hydration; gives hair improved body and greater elasticity

Rosemary: stimulates hair growth and treats dandruff by increasing blood circulation to the hair and scalp

Tangerine: increases circulation and is anti-septic; it tonifies and soothes the scalp

Ylang Ylang: skin soothing and balances oil production. Ylang Ylang softens and regenerates skin promoting scalp health