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When my son was an infant I was so aware of the purity and newness of him – his perfection.There is nothing to rival the clean smell of a newborn baby. Now THAT’S clean!

When my son was an infant I was so aware of the purity and newness of him – his perfection. I never wanted that to go away. We fed him organic foods and only used bath and skin care products that I mostly made for him or knew were chemical free.

As he grew older we would make soaps and bubble bath together. I’d talk to him about plants and how they can feed us, be used in our medicines or in soaps and creams for our skin. He remembered that Calendula was what soothed scrapes and that the Plantain growing in the lawn could be put on insect bites for instant relief.

I’d begun making shampoos and conditioners during my herbalist training for us to use at home and also at the request of a few of my clients with highly sensitive scalps. I’d begun experimenting with different herbal infusions and essential oil blends so naturally we would try them out at home. Over breakfast one morning he told me how much he liked the essential oil blend I’d used in the shampoo he tried the night before.

“Daddy, you should make one just for kids,” he said casually between mouthfuls of food “Kids would really like having their own organic shampoo. Kids like different smells than adults”.

“That’s a great idea,” I said.

“Yeah, it smells so good! It makes me think of Gummy Bears”.

“I don’t think we could call it Gummy Bear shampoo, but I love your idea”.

“Well it would be so much better than all those other brands that don’t use organic ingredients in their products”.

“You are so right” I say. And with that he headed off to school.

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