Making natural hair products is so satisfying to me because it combines all of my favorite things: my love of hair, medicinal plants and natural health. – Bryan

What qualifies me to create my own natural hair products? For starters, I’m not just a hair colorist — I’m a therapeutic herbalist.

After moving to New York from my native Sydney, I became focused on not only advancing my hair-coloring career but also indulging my other passion: holistic health. Indeed, it was a keen interest in the healing world of medicinal herbs, plants and plant extracts that led me to pursue a certification in Therapeutic Herbalism. There is a long, tried-and-true tradition of using plants for therapeutic benefit, and over the years I’ve been practicing, I’ve come to feel very connected to the long line of herbalists who have handed down this valuable knowledge.

As I came to discover, hair and herbalism aren’t as mutually exclusive as they seem. In the salon, I enjoy creating color as individual as my clients while listening to their concerns about the health of their hair and scalps. In turn, I recommend herbs that have been traditionally used to treat these conditions. (Rosemary for oily irritated scalps; Nettles for strengthening brittle hair).

Meanwhile, while at home parenting a young son, I am more conscious than ever of the products our family uses. When he arrived in the early aughts, I began creating my own shampoos, conditioners and soaps with organically grown, natural ingredients rather than rely on store-bought brands — most of which contain synthetic and downright toxic chemicals. Two unexpected benefits: He loves learning all about the flowers and herbs I use, and he gets a kick out of encountering them in the wild!

Gradually, overnighting friends began involuntarily sampling our homemade products and— happy with the results and eco-friendliness— started requesting their own supplies. The same happened with clients for whom I mixed up a batch upon hearing about an allergy or a desire to use gentler hair cleansers. Eventually, I couldn’t keep up with the demand: It was either give up my hair-coloring career to make my own shampoo and conditioners all day, or find a conscientious manufacturer to help me do so. Obviously, I chose the latter, which has led to my original formulas being available for purchase by the public at large. Enjoy!