What can I say?  The Thomson DiPalma product line is terrific.  Bryan has been making my hair look great for almost 20 years!  Having the Thomson DiPalma shampoo and conditioner in my shower is like taking Bryan home from the salon and having him do my hair every day.  Plus the Geranium and Lavender make my entire bathroom smell just so…yummy. – Carolyn


I love Thomson DiPalma shampoo and conditioner! They leave my hair soft and shiny and have a lovely natural scent. My hair is usually very tangled and difficult to condition and just a small amount of the lavender conditioner works amazingly well. Best of all it’s made with real fruits of the earth. – Chiara


I have finally discovered what’s been missing from my hair regime—your products! I love the subtle, soothing smell of lavender in my new shampoo and conditioner; my curly hair is noticeably softer, shinier and smoother in texture. I just purchased a couple of bottles to give to friends – a perfect way to say happy holidays! Thanks Bryan  – Randi

This shampoo and conditioner changed my hair and scalp. It’s the best I’ve used (and I’ve tried just about every high-end product around). I especially love the Geranium Shampoo. My scalp had equalized and stopped itching, and my hair feels fuller and is shinier than ever. It’s a miracle!! – Katie


I’ve also been meaning to write to tell you how amazing the shampoo and conditioner are. My hair just keeps getting better the longer I use it. It feels thicker with more volume, a bonus especially after my post pregnancy hair loss, I feel like I can start to grow my hair again. It’s very transitional, it took a couple of washes to get used to the feeling of the essential oils and less foaming shampoo, then I started to notice i washed my hair less and needed less product to clean it. So amazing! – Tess

Used my new Thomson DiPalma shampoo & conditioner today! All I can say is: What took you so long?! My hair smells great, looks shiny, and was so easy to style. Also, I feel good knowing no chemicals were used or animals harmed to make your products. Congratulations and thank you!! xo – Lori

I have fine hair that lacks shine, I recently started using the Tangerine shampoo and Grapefruit conditioner, and am in love. My hair feels clean but not stripped. It looks shiny and my color brighter. The conditioner doesn’t weigh my hair down instead it dries with a lift at the root and smooth ends. – Kimberly

This product is amazing! I’ve had extremely frizzy, dry, unmanageable hair all or my life. For the first time (I’m 55 btw) I am able to do my hair without having to go to a salon for it to look decent. That, needless to say, becomes expensive but I would go anyway because nothing I did worked. I can’t believe what this product has done for me. I used it once and was able to flat iron my hair and within 15 minutes I looked as if I’d gone to my hairstylist. I thought, well, let me give it another try just to be sure. I used it again yesterday and couldn’t believe the results. It was better than the first time. I can’t begin to recommend this product enough. I could go on and on about it. All I will say is try it. You won’t be disappointed. No more bad hair days….ever! – Barbara

I’ve had about a week’s worth of shampooing and conditioning under my belt, um, under my towel? oh heavens you know what I mean… and I am happy to report it REALLY is a fabulous product. The first thing I check when I try a new shampoo is the aroma— in this case I was delighted to find it subtle, engaging, and spot-on pleasing. Some other commercial products have mysterious chemicals that feel like meat tenderizer on my scalp, yuck. Bryan’s potions on the other hand feel clean, energizing, and finely-crafted.It may seem like a little thing, but it’s not to me— I can actually READ THE LABEL in the shower without a magnifying glass to tell whether I have the shampoo or conditioner in hand, yippee!Thanks Bryan & Clain, well done! – Robert

First off let me say that I love smell of every single one of them. Such pleasure to not have that horrid synthetic aroma that most commercial shampoos and conditioners have. Instead, they smell fresh, pure and invigorating. My favorites are the Geranium Shampoo and the Lavender Conditioner (which surprised me as I usually find most Lavender scented products are way too strong and give me a headache, but yours is delicious and soothing!)  Most shampoos dry out my curly hair, but instead it felt clean and moisturized. And the conditioner is such a wonderful thick, luxurious texture without all that waxy buildup that so many conditioners leave in your hair.  – Gypsy

I too have spent my adult years trying to find the right products for my dry hair. Remember those conditioners that made your hair feel like it had been dunked in motor oil? And who knows what was in that stuff? With Bryan’s shampoo and conditioner my hair and scalp feel healthy without any of the heaviness of other products. You can tell by the way the shampoo lathers and how well the conditioner rinses out that you are using a well thought out product. And the aromas are equally gentle and refreshing.Thank you Bryan!!! – Steve

I can’t thank you enough! I’ve never had any patience for fussy product. Everything and anything, including assorted hypo-allergenic and/or expensive allegedly herbal potions, simply made my itchy scalp worse. The only reason Head and Shoulders worked occasionally was because it simply stripped my scalp down to the bone, which left me with a different set of problems. Feeling totally helpless, I narrowed my options years ago to a bottle of baby shampoo and resigned myself to a life of mortifying flakey scalp conditions. Two weeks with Bryan’s fantastic Geranium shampoo and Lavender conditioner, I’m a total convert. I’m literally a new person. My scalp no longer itches, my hair feels like hair should. And I no longer feel helpless! There are now two perfectly matched white bottles in my shower. My black T-shirts have moved back to the top of the pile. TSA-sized bottles have been decanted for my travel bag. The only way this could get any better: if you could produce travel size portions of your magic potions, for all of us frequent travelers – Catherine

I have gotten SOOOO many compliments on the way my hair shines and feels so soft using Thomson-DiPalma hair products….The scents are fabulous as well…..Thank you for such a fabulous product!!! – Monique

I can’t believe how amazing these products are – my hair has never felt better or smelt better! First bottles are running out because we are all using them! Congratulations…. – SJ

Just washed my hair for the first time with the Geranium shampoo and the Lavender conditioner — wonderful! – Elizabeth

The dry hair duo has been wonderful for my parched, damaged hair. I noticed a difference after one usage. My ends, which had been “crunchy” lost that feel. Overall, my hair had a softer texture. I am now getting ready to order my second batch…Thank you, Bryan and Clain! – Shama