Artesian Water

Water Water Everywhere


In time and with water, everything changes. – Leonardo da Vinci

Lately it seems that wherever I look I see so many varieties of “pure” water, some with exotic names and origins…”from a source high in the mountains of….” or “bottled at pristine crystal springs in…”

I’m often tempted to grab myself a bottle so I can be whisked away from my busy life to some fabulous location by merely sipping some of the precious contents. Like some magical elixir to wash away all my cares – but then water is so very magical and vital to our existence. I think of water every day and how I can lessen my waste of it by my actions and consider ways in which I can achieve that. By being more considerate of how and how much I use and how I dispose of waste I can minimize my impact on the environment. So I ask myself “What’s going down the drain?”

In creating my Thomson DiPalma line of products I have that very much in the forefront of my mind. My goal was to create personal care products that cleanse and condition hair while having minimal impact on the Earth. Being an Herbalist I am an enthusiastic advocate for the green world and educate people on the benefits of using herbs in their daily life. As Leonardo said, “In time and with water, everything changes” – so too with Thomson DiPalma hair products!

My shampoos and conditioners improve the health of the hair and scalp without using chemicals that pollute our water supply. If it is good for my personal environment it should also be good for the natural environment. Now that’s got to be something to sing about in the shower!

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