Why Hair?

Gimme head with hair
Long beautiful hair
Shining, gleaming
Streaming, flaxen, waxen
Give me down-to-there hair…

While Hair was raising eyebrows as the first rock musical on Broadway, I was a world away in Australia making career decisions with my own mane in mind. It was November 1974, the day after I completed my final high school examinations, when I began a three-month probationary period at a salon in Brisbane. My motivation for choosing this path was quite simple: I wanted to be in an environment where I could keep my long hair really long, listen to cool music all day and work alongside other creative young people.

Almost four decades later, I’m still inspired by and fascinated with hair, and how it’s an external expression of one’s individuality, a unique indicator of personal style. Like tribal markings, our hairstyles signal which groups we belong to, so we may readily identify those who are likeminded. It communicates our sexuality and, in doing so, attracts potential mates. Fundamentally, it provides protection to our head and scalp from the elements and possible injury to our brain.

As time progresses, styles change, as do the products, tools and business of hair. Yet hair is still hair — the same fibers, scalps, textures and problems. Clients still seek the perfect hair they’ve always wanted, only now they insist it has to be with the help of products that are organically derived, chemical-free and with natural fragrance to ensure the health of their hair and scalp. With our everyday world becoming more and more saturated with “organic” products and produce, consumers are demanding organics in all aspects of their lives — as they should. Unfortunately, many beauty companies play to this trend by using key words in their marketing campaigns while claiming their ingredients to be “organic” and “natural” without coming as close as is possible to their meanings.

With this is mind, I set out to formulate my own hair-care products. My Thomson-Di Palma shampoos and conditioners are the first, as these are the fundamentals of hair care, but it is my goal to create a clean, simple line of products for my clients and anyone seeking the most natural solutions to their hair woes. To create these products, I have personally selected herbs — Jojoba, Calendula, Burdock — that have been used through the centuries and are scientifically well-documented for their benefits in maintaining hair and scalp health. They are the result of years of experimentation and, as you now know, my personal journey and lifelong love affair with hair. Thank you for coming along with me!